About The Magic Home Affiliate Program

Magic Home is a home goods company best known for its supply chain capability. Operating warehouse distribution centers across the Unites States, we offer a wide range of home goods from furniture, lighting, outdoor, even for your pets and they are ready to be shipped 24/7. In addition, we can provide the whole house custom products service to meet your styling requirements.

In the era of new economy, marketing expertise are everywhere while the old way of advertisement is being replaced. we recognize this and are willing work with you. Together let's bring the amazing products to customers!

Benefits as a Affiliate

Earn commission for every one-of-a-kind piece you discover and share, when you sign up to become an Magic Home Affiliate!

   • 5% commission on earned sells. 
   • 30 - day cookie duration 
   • Weekly deals, offers and coupons
   • Exclusive partner offers available
   • Free shipping and quick feedback
   • Professional and personal support by our experts

How to Join?

Contact Us

Do you have questions or would you like to start an affiliate with us? Feel free to contact our team at:


Let's work together to help more customers!